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Searching for tutors speech therapists in Czech republic

Julianna Romanova
Julianna Romanova
Age: 30 years old
I am a professional artist,working in Narodni Divadlo.
  • Colleges from October 2019
  • Years of practice8 years
Music (more), Music (piano), Music (singing), Speech therapist, Russian, English
Languages can teach
Saint Petersburg State University, History, art historian.
Moscow State Conservatory, Vocal, solo singing.
Theatrical Academy of Performing Arts, Acting, musical theatre artist.
The presence of teacher education No
Place of employmentdoes not matter
Prices from:
Angličtina: 500 CZK. / 60 min.
ruština: 500 CZK. / 60 min.
Logoped: 800 CZK. / 60 min.
Hudba (zpěv): 800 CZK. / 60 min.
Hudba (piano): 500 CZK. / 60 min.
Hudba (více): 800 CZK. / 60 min.
Going to the student
Teacher has granted certificates of education

Speech therapist is a doctor, who detects and solves diffrent aspects in the child speech, whether it is articulation problem, pronoinciation, pauses, wrong tempo or other.Nowadays speech therapy has achieved big success, so any problem might be solved or at least minimize.

When the child starts talking, parents have to be aware, how is he or she pronounce the sounds. On practice, lots of children has at some point problems with pronounciation.

If there is even some small problem is found, parents should immediately go to the specialist, who will normalise the situation by indvidual lessons of the speech therapist with a child.  In some cases several lessons will be enough, in others more than a year is needed- it depends on the particular situation.

Correct speech is the guarantee of the successful child communication in the future. Speech problems might be a problem during the comminication with other chidren. It is very important to go the professional speech therapist as soon as possible.

Child speech therapist at home

There are lots of English speaking speech therapists on our website, so you can find the one, which is suitable for you in every sense:education, character, place and price,  Some professionals have lesson at their place, while others go to the house of the client. There are lots of possibilities.

Do not neglect your child’s health and future.

Conditions and registration

The aim of our website is to be a tool of interaction between students and tutors in Czech Republic. Teachers fill in the form with information about them, students choose one of them.
We tried to make our website multifunctional: here you can find a tutor of any subject,from mathematics to ecology. The full list is available in the appropriate section. 
The website is translated to three languages: Russian,Czech, English – you can choose the language, which is suitable for you. There is a possibilty to register, not only for a teacher, but also for a student. We don’t ask money for our services. You can find a tutor for children and adults yourself, or with a help of our employees.

The need of tutor

The tutor might be needed in different situations : missed classes, gaps in knowlege, the wish to prepare for the exam. It is hardly possible to list all reasons.

  • The advantages of the lessons with a tutor is that it is individual. The teacher works only with you, not with a lot of students at once. This kind of program can be adjected according to your skills and knowledge.All gaps are being filled, but  you are not paying attention to the things that are known already. 
  • Sometimes only a tutor can help you to prepare for the university entrance exams.  Specific character of the entance exams can confuse even the talented student. A teacher can help to understand all details.  

The database for searching tutors

We are not this type of  a website, which allows every person to publish information about him. All applications are being checked. We check people’s education and teaching practice. Each teacher has to present the documents, that prove his education.
We have lots of teachers, so you can find a teacher in Prague and in another city in Czech Republic, according to the style, character or price of the tutor.  Just look at the options. Thank to the user-friendly option to sort the teachers according to the subject and the place of  studies, you will immediately find a teacher for you.
Good luck!

We invite tutors to register on our website

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